Introducing “Playground,” a new channel that offers various AI robots for users to experience in different scenarios. From virtual pets to personalized workout coaches, Playground provides endless entertainment and learning opportunities for everyone. Join us now and explore the exciting world of AI!

Domain Name Suggestion Tool

Generate domain name suggestions for a business.


Generates a personalized message for connecting with a potential professional contact

Mindfulness Coach

Practice mindfulness and reduce stress for a better quality of life.

Advice Generator

Generate advice for various topics.

Resume Optimization

Optimizes and improves the language and formatting of your resume for better chances of getting hired.

Career Development

Provides advice for advancing your career


Extract keywords from a block of text. At a lower temperature it picks keywords from the text.

Advanced Tweet Classifier

This is an advanced prompt for detecting sentiment. It allows you to provide it with a list of status updates and then provide a sentiment for each...

Tweet Summary of News Article

This prompt allows you to summarize the main points of a news article and tweet it.

Fashion Blog Post Generator

Generate a blog post about a fashion trend or style
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