ChatPDF: Make Your PDF Files Smarter

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PDF files are a common file format encountered in daily work and study. However, when it comes to reading and processing a large number of PDF files, it can be tedious and challenging. Now, with ChatPDF, you can make your PDF files smarter!

ChatPDF: Make Your PDF Files Smarter

Information Extraction:

ChatPDF can quickly extract information from a large number of PDF files by analyzing the PDF file and creating a semantic index. This tool can be used to extract information from various types of PDF files, such as manuals, papers, legal contracts, etc. Therefore, it is very suitable for people who need to read a large number of PDF files.

Interactive Reading:

ChatPDF can also convert PDF files into interactive text, allowing users to interact with PDF files as if they were interacting with a person. This feature is achieved through ChatGPT and other AI technologies. Users can communicate with ChatPDF, ask it questions, or ask it to do something.

Easy to Use:

ChatPDF provides a simple and easy-to-use interface, and users can use it without logging in. At the same time, ChatPDF also provides users with some basic operation guidelines and help information to help them better use this tool.

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