How to use ChatGPT to easily learn any skill you want

The video is about how the creator leverages ChatGPT to aid in self-education. The creator has a passion for learning but has struggled with organizing resources and creating a study plan. Here are the key points:

The Pareto Principle:

  • The creator uses the Pareto Principle, which states that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes, to focus on the most impactful topics within a subject. He asks ChatGPT to create a focused learning plan based on this principle.

Creating a Study Schedule:

  • Instead of manually creating a study schedule, the creator asks ChatGPT to do it for him. He specifies the days he can study and the number of hours, and ChatGPT generates a schedule that includes time for revision and testing.

Gathering Resources:

  • The creator uses ChatGPT to find learning resources like videos, books, podcasts, and interactive exercises. He can specify the type of resources he wants, such as free or paid, and can also ask for resources that cater to his specific learning style.

Project Ideas:

  • To engage in active learning, the creator asks ChatGPT for project ideas that are appropriate for his skill level. For example, if he’s learning how to code in C#, he asks for beginner-level video game projects.

Clarification and Understanding:

  • When the creator encounters hurdles or doesn’t understand a concept, he turns to ChatGPT for clarification. He uses methods like the Feynman Technique, asking for simplified explanations, mental models, analogies, and visualization exercises.

Socratic Method:

  • To improve critical thinking, the creator uses the Socratic method with ChatGPT. He provides a statement or opinion, and ChatGPT asks open-ended questions to challenge it, followed by constructive feedback.

Twitch Streaming:

  • The creator has also started streaming on Twitch, where he practices the skills he’s learning in real-time.

The video serves as a comprehensive guide on how to use AI, specifically ChatGPT, to facilitate self-education in a more organized and effective manner.

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