I asked ChatGPT to create the 10 commandments based on modern times

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What do you think Chatgpt’s new commandments say about the current state of society and our values?” (Please note I explicitly told ChatGpt not to make it religious)

1. Thou shall respect all individuals regardless of race, gender, religion, or orientation, for we are all equal.
2.Thou shall not post or spread false information online, for deception harms others and diminishes trust.
3. Thou shall limit one’s screen time and engage in physical activities and social interactions, for a healthy and balanced life is important.
4. Thou shall protect the environment and adopt sustainable practices, for the Earth is our shared home.
5. Thou shall be mindful of one’s privacy and the privacy of others, both online and offline, for personal space is essential.
6. Thou shall practice empathy and understanding, and not be quick to judge, for everyone is facing their own struggles.
7. Thou shall not plagiarize or take credit for someone else’s work, for respecting intellectual property is crucial.
8. Thou shall be open to learning and embracing new ideas, for continuous growth and adaptation are necessary in our ever-changing world.
9. Thou shall support and encourage one another, for a little kindness goes a long way.
10. Thou shall find balance between work and personal life, for harmony and happiness are the ultimate goals.

Remember, these commandments are just suggestions, and it’s up to you to decide which values are most important in your life.

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