TuneFlow is an intelligent music making platform powered by AI. It is designed to simplify and enhance music creation, regardless of the user’s level of expertise.

With TuneFlow, users have access to a range of powerful AI features that cover various aspects of music production. These features include Voice Clone, which allows users to select and clone voices or generate their own; ChatGPT Lyrics, a powerful tool for generating lyrics on any topic; Smart Composer, which helps users kickstart their music ideas with pre-designed melodies and accompaniment tracks; Smart Drummer, an AI-powered tool that automatically fills drum clips with preferred beat styles; and Ultra-Clean Source Separator, which separates mixed audio tracks into individual vocal, drum, bass, and other stems.TuneFlow also offers industry-leading audio transcription, transforming singing or instrument recordings into MIDI notes.

Users can easily generate lo-fi hip-hop songs with the One-Click Lo-Fi plugin. Additionally, TuneFlow provides a plugin market with a community of AI musicians constantly building and sharing new AI models.The platform is accessible from any device with cloud syncing capabilities, and the TuneFlow Desktop version offers advanced audio editing features and support for VST/VST3/AU plugins.

Users can also import and export projects seamlessly and join a creative community to share their work and collaborate with others. TuneFlow is regularly updated with new features and offers a range of pricing options, including the option for video creators, merchants, and corporations to access royalty-free music APIs for their projects.

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