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There are simple podcast & video editors and there are powerful ones. Only Descript is both & it features magical AI, so you can skip the hard part of editing....


Descript ( is a voice and video editing tool based on speech recognition technology, which can convert human speech into editable text and provide a series of text editing and audio processing functions.

Users can upload audio and video files to the Descript platform and then use the platform’s speech recognition technology to convert them into text. Users can directly edit the text, and Descript will automatically adjust the content of the audio and video. The platform provides some basic audio editing functions, such as audio clipping, adding effects and transitions, removing speech noise, and more.

Descript also provides some advanced text editing and audio processing functions, such as collaboration, automatic transcription, speech synthesis, and more. In addition, Descript supports multiple formats of audio and video files, and provides API interfaces and plugins, allowing users to integrate them into other applications and systems.

In summary, Descript is a powerful speech recognition tool that can convert audio and video into editable text and provide a variety of text editing and audio processing functions, making it easier for users to edit and produce audio and video.

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