FabFab.ai is an AI-based fashion tool that generates unique t-shirt designs. The tool uses AI to create individual designs that are never reproduced and are exclusive to the buyer.

The turnaround time for printing and shipping the unique t-shirt is typically a few days. The website encourages buyers to share their FabFab journey on social media with #FabFabChallenge and connect with fellow trailblazers to be part of a thriving worldwide tribe.

If the design does not quite suit the buyer’s taste, the website encourages donating it to charity or gifting it to a friend as all sales are final due to the one-of-a-kind nature of its creations.

The t-shirts are crafted from quality materials in partnership with top-notch manufacturers. The tool offers a range of unisex sizes to suit everyone, and the shipping is worldwide, with no added shipping costs.

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