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Genmo Chat, a copilot to create and edit videos with text using GPT-4.


Introducing Genmo Chat

Generative models have demonstrated incredible capabilities in synthesizing content across modalities, including text, images, videos, and beyond.

With Genmo, we’re taking it a step further by providing a creative copilot that works hand-in-hand with users to bring their creative visions to life.

We are gradually rolling out alpha access to Genmo Chat to creatives from our waitlist. While there are limitations, we are scaling up capacity and continuously working to improve Genmo’s capabilities, safety, and understanding of user intent.

Generating and editing movies from scratch

Genmo can generate and edit movies from scratch. The user asks Genmo to create a movie with a title. The model will help create ideas which the human can critique iteratively. Genmo takes it from there to generate an edited video.

Genmo opted to use our V2 video generation model because it can generate coherent global motion. It also automatically selects transitions and text overlays to match the plotline.

Writing a script, then generating a trailer

Like the previous example, Genmo can generate and edit movies from scratch. The user asks to generate a movie called “Godfather: The Lunar Family”.

Genmo helps the user refine their ideas into a proposed script. Genmo generates a variety of scenes and transitions. In this example, the user works with Genmo to create a poster photo.

Upload an image and animate part of it

Genmo can animate exising images. The user uploads a starry night and asks Genmo to animate the sky into a timelapse. The user controls the animation by asking Genmo to only animate the sky and not the mountain.

Edit and create photos with natural language

Replace content and change image styles with natural language. Genmo allows users to direct the creative process at a high level, while the model suggests specific details and calls the necessary tools to get the job done.

Designing a presentation with app icons

Genmo can generate app icons as well. Here, Genmo makes icons for a “creative copilot”.

In response to user feedback, Genmo regenerates variations of their favorite icon. Finally, Genmo combines all the images into a slide deck to share with the team.

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