Opus is a platform that turns text into video using AI technology. Their technology is trained to extract features from any literary style in English, and there’s no special syntax to learn. Opus uses computational production to generate everything from scenes, assets, characters, dialogue, and visual effects. This allows for the creation of original content at a fraction of the cost and at unmatched speed.

Opus offers several features for different types of creators. For gamers, it offers an ever-changing world in which they can be both a player and a creator/administrator. For artists and musicians, it offers a future that expands their 2D canvas infinitely into a multidimensional multiverse, allowing them to bring entire worlds into existence and make their fantasy real. For storytellers, it allows them to turn their words into a living breathing world in the blink of an eye. And for performers, it offers the ability to digitize their likeness based on multiple performance captures, allowing it to be perpetually used in any production.

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