ScanBoy is a unique document scanning app designed for iOS and iPadOS. It offers lightning-fast scanning capabilities, allowing users to quickly create high-quality PDFs with selectable text.

The app utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically generate filenames based on the content of the scanned documents, streamlining the organization process.

However, users also have the option to manually name their documents if they prefer to avoid using AI. Key features of ScanBoy include its fast document scanning and processing capabilities, enabling users to efficiently scan and save documents to their preferred folders.

The app also incorporates optical character recognition (OCR) technology, making it possible to extract and select text from scanned documents at a later time.

Additionally, ScanBoy offers reusable filename templates, which can be especially helpful for frequent scanning of similar document types. Developed by Tim Bueno in NYC, ScanBoy aims to provide a convenient and efficient solution for document scanning and organization.

For more information, users can access the press kit and privacy policy on the ScanBoy website. Contact information is available through email and Mastodon social media platform.

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