Soundraw is an online platform that provides royalty-free music for content creators, video producers, and other creative professionals. The website offers a vast library of music tracks in various genres, including cinematic, electronic, hip hop, rock, and more. The tracks are all original, and users can download and use them without worrying about copyright infringement.

One of the key features of Soundraw is its search engine, which allows users to filter and search for tracks based on various criteria, such as mood, genre, tempo, and length. This makes it easy to find the perfect track for a specific project or video. In addition, the website offers a range of music packs that can be purchased at a discounted price. The music packs are curated based on specific themes or genres, making it easy to find a set of tracks that fit together.

Another great feature of Soundraw is its user-friendly interface, which allows users to browse and preview tracks quickly and easily. Each track includes a short preview, as well as detailed information about the track’s length, tempo, and licensing options. Users can also create playlists of their favorite tracks, making it easy to keep track of the music they want to use in their projects.

Soundraw offers several licensing options, including Standard, Premium, and Exclusive licenses. The Standard license allows users to use the music in non-commercial projects, while the Premium and Exclusive licenses offer more flexibility and options for commercial use. The website also offers a subscription service that provides users with unlimited access to the entire library of music tracks for a monthly fee.

Overall, Soundraw is a great resource for content creators, video producers, and other creative professionals who need high-quality, royalty-free music for their projects. With a vast library of tracks, user-friendly interface, and flexible licensing options, Soundraw makes it easy to find the perfect music for any project.

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