Verb is a new kind of writing partner for authors. It is an AI-enhanced, story-centered tool that helps writers plan, write, and critique their work. Verb is obsessively writer-led and designed to help authors get their ideas into words with more pleasure and less pain. Verb offers early access to its limited beta, so you can sign up to join the community of writers shaping Verb and empowering storytellers across the world¹.

Verb also introduces Verb Copilot, an AI pair writing feature that uses OpenAI Codex to suggest text and entire plots in real-time, right from your canvas. Verb Copilot is trained on billions of lines of words and can transform natural language queries into writing suggestions across numerous languages. With Verb Copilot, you can shift your focus towards addressing more substantial challenges, save time by lowering repetitive writing patterns, and dedicate more effort to what truly counts: crafting exceptional stories.

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